BCS National Championship game – Auburn vs. Oregon


The panoramic image can be zoomed in by clicking on the image. It also looks great full screen with the option on the bottom right of the image.

The final image is made from almost 200 individual images. The images were taken from about 5 minutes before kickoff until about Auburn's 2nd possession of the game. The images were then stitched together. It is not supposed to represent one moment in the game. There are numerous stitching "errors". These are usually caused by a person that is on the edge of a picture moving to a different location by the time my camera made another pass by their location. Some things that have been found in the image: - ESPN crew working in the top left corner - ESPN reporter Erin Andrews on the sideline at Oregon 40 yard line - 2 Auburn band members from the pre-game show on the field - Cam Newton showing off for the cameras pre-game in the Oregon endzone - Oregon backup quarterback Nate Costa looking at his legs on the Oregon sideline - Auburn 9 players vs. Oregon 8 players. No wonder Oregon lost. - Can you find yourself?

Civil War

Joined the other Oregonian photographers for my first and only college football game of the season. I sure picked a good one to photograph. The winner of the Civil War was awarded an invitation to the Rose Bowl. The game went back and forth. Hands down, the best football game I have worked.

I started the day in an airplane where I photographed the stadium at dusk. It was a 6 pm game and we had to clear the airspace at 5 pm due to FAA regulations. Plenty of time to land and get back to the stadium for kickoff.

Jamie Francis and I teamed up to collect pictures and audio from the game. We put all the pieces in the talented hands of Rob Finch and here is what we all came up with … Civil War audio slideshow

Burnt River Bulls

This is the first installment of a new photo column that fellow Oregonian photographer Jamie Francis and I will be producing. We will travel to the far corners of the state and hopefully show the culture of football around the different regions. This first one is going to be difficult to beat. What a great group of kids and a wonderful story. Jamie and I will share the duties of collecting pictures, audio and video. Below is the online version while there will be a picture (2 for the first installment) and an extended caption in the sports section once a week.

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