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I've had this print hanging in my basement for quite a few years now. I'm super honored to have it and after watching his speech, I wanted to share it. Only a few friends have seen it and known the story about it. Always thought it would be inappropriate to show off due to my position at the Oregonian. Since I no longer work in that arena I feel ok about sharing it now, here is the quick version of the story … Throughout the summer and fall of 2008, I was assigned to cover then Senator Obama when he would come through Oregon. One of the pivotal moments of the campaign happened at the waterfront rally in Portland when thousands of supporters showed to hear him talk. I was able to capture a nice picture of the scene from a sizzor-lift. Nothing special on my part, but I was in the right place for a special event. Access is key!During my time with the campaign, I got to know a few of the campaign staffers and considered a couple of them to be friends. At some point I though to send a print of the rally to the senator as a keepsake. I made up 2 copies, both signed and dated by me — one for the staffer that was close to the Obamas and one to be given to the candidate. Packed the 11x14s in a tube and off they went.A couple weeks passed and I get an email asking for my mailing address. Figured I'd get a thank-you card, but to my surprise what arrived at my house was the tube I sent off containing the print intended for the staffer. Clearly, there was a new signature and message. "To Bruce – Thanks for being part of the journey! Barack Obama"I'll have to write down the full story some time including the fact that I was close to moving to DC to work at the White House — In the end, I had too big of a mouth and told one too many friends about my interview with Pete Souza. Turns out that discretion is important.Maybe it will make a nice segment on Antiques Road Show some day in a 100 years. – from Instagram